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The amazing Isolation Floating Board

The S.A.P. audio Relaxa 530 is the flagship of the latest reincarnations of this now classic – born and patented in 1999 – unique magnetic isolation device. The platform is made by tempered glass, an absolutely rigid material even under prolongued heavy load. It is floating in the air thanks to 5 powerful magnet couples. They eliminate the influence of any external vibration of whatever frequency more than it is possible with any other isolation technique. The strong magnetic field of the magnets is directed along the vertical direction and the small residual is confined within their housing. The working load is very wide: from 3 Kg up to 30 Kg. The horizontal level may be adjusted simply by turning the magnets housing and checked with the supplied level gauge.
Effective size W 512 x D 460 mm

Relaxa isolation floating board

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Relaxa isolation floating board

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Innovation in your audio system

Available in red, green, gray and black.
It can carry between 3 Kg and 20 kg.

  • S.A.P. audio Relaxa 622: 515 x 460 mm
  • S.A.P. audio Relaxa 622S: 489 x 400 mm

We are masters in this unique magnetic technology since years, we have developed the 530 and the 622 types and we may surely fullfill any customization new wish from our customers.

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